It's a great big galaxy!

Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy is an original animated series about six aliens traveling the galaxy to help a lost star return home.

Meet the Cast

Welcome to our galaxy!

Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy is an independently produced animated pilot. After being unintentionally adopted by young girl Siona, both are taken in an adventure across the cosmos alongside their newfound friends. As all six aliens try to find their place in the world, they start to uncover that the universe has many more dark secrets than they ever could have imagined.

so, how is this going to be made?

Earlier this year we ran a successful Kickstarter, managing to raise over $25,000 to produce the pilot! We're over the moon at reaching our goal and can't thank those enough who helped with our tremendous wave of support.But animation isn't cheap, especially for independent productions. In late 2020, we produced a 30 second proof of concept and hope to continue funding the full pilot with additional support from fans with the current budget. We've invested in both a Patreon and Ko-Fi to further support the pilot!There's many uncertainties and risks that come with this, but if all goes well, we might even be able to fund a full series in order to fully bring Lumi's galaxy to life- without any corporate restrictions.

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Meet the Cast

Frequently asked questions

When will the pilot be out?

When it's done!

Will you be pitching the show?

No. Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy is staying 100% independent, and we will always have full creative control.

Where can I watch the show?

Lumi will be available to watch on Evan's YouTube.

What is Lumi's age rating?

Lumi is for all ages, with mild slapstick and made up alien cursing.

Can I make fanart/OCs based on the show?

Absolutely! We love seeing OCs and fanart. Be sure to tag us if you make any!

Will you be making merch for the show?

At the moment, no. We'd feel much more comfortable waiting to see if the pilot is successful before thinking about any merch ideas.


Meet the Siona in this official teaser clip from the Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy proof of concept!

Tune in to the official storyboard for Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy's theme song!


VA: heidi tabing

A little star with a lot of spark. After accidentally stumbling into Siona's life, Lumi's curiosity for the world around them knows no bounds. Determined to travel across the cosmos- and maybe grant some wishes, too- as long as they have their new friends by their side, Lumi wouldn't wish it any other way.

pronouns: they/them
birthday: n/a


VA: Kai Hauser

Self proclaimed paranormal investigator Siona is always on the case! With a love for the supernatural and a determination to discover if humans really do exist, Siona's friendly nature makes her someone you can truly count on- even if she's a little reckless.

pronouns: she/they
birthday: 10/31


VA: Michael Kovach

Bundle of nerves Davin is Siona's best friend and travel companion. The complete opposite of Siona's extroverted nature, Davin is much more down to earth, preferring to go with the flow (albiet rather anxiously.) Despite their lack of adventure, they have a kind heart and good head on their shoulders.

pronouns: they/them
birthday: 09/3


VA: Hannah Alyea

Bossy princess Felicity is the up-and-coming royal of her parents' kingdom of Floria. Bratty, demanding, and self proclaimed 'cutest in the galaxy' she wants everyone to know she's pretty much the best around- but is that all that lies under her royal exterior?

pronouns: she/they
birthday: 04/03


VA: Jazmine Luevanos

Rambunctious, and rowdy Holden is a tough kid with a heart of gold. Bug lover, Galaxy Girl card collector and troublemaking enthusiast- moving to a completely different galaxy is no easy task, and in the end, Holden is just trying to find a place to belong.

pronouns: he/they
birthday: 06/11


VA: Patrick Mealey

Uptight, strict, and pouty, Mika is a bossy bird with a posh personality. As Felicity's best friend and royal consort, he tries to keep everyone else in line as the self proclaimed leader and voice of reason. Hopefully any ruffled feathers he has will loosen up over time- but with him, one can never be too certain.

pronouns: he/they
birthday: 01/8


VA: Nola Klop

The great big galaxy was always protected under Elios' watchful eyes... that is, until Hala suddenly took over. Cold, alluring, and all around mysterious, Hala's cool demeanor and short temper has her struggling to balance her grief and the fate of the cosmos that were now suddenly thrust in her hands.

pronouns: she/they
birthday: immortal


VA: Alexis Campbell

Kind and gentle Elios was the galaxy's sworn creator and sun deity, protecting the galaxy and all that dwelled in it until her sudden disappearance. No one truly knows what became of her after sparks of her were found scattered throughout the galaxy... but surely she'll return one day, right?

pronouns: she/they
birthday: immortal


VA: Ellis Knight & Abigail Turner

The galaxy's greatest enemy. Abandoned and forgotten by Elios, Void manages to escape their eternal seal and now traverses the cosmos, consuming any light it sees with the goal of plunging the galaxy into eternal darkness.

pronouns: he/it/they
birthday: immortal